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Student First Aid Training


How does the course work?

Student First Aid is designed to teach first aid to secondary school students throughout the UK while overcoming the time and cost obstacles with which schools are often faced.

This is done by replacing the conventional classroom-based first aid course with a video-based e-learning course. This makes the programme free to the school and more flexible to implement. Students can learn first aid from home or from a computer lab, allowing them to learn at their own pace and also teaching them valuable computer skills. The course works by watching comprehensive videos then completing test questions and a final test at the end. There are also various downloads and links to help with the training.
Teachers are provided with an online dashboard to monitor the students’ progress. They can also view completion and test scores and even order certificates all from a single online dashboard.

In addition tho this, each school then has the option to add a hands-on component, in which the student’s are able to put more time from any therory learned into a phsiycal element, to further build their understand and knowledge using manikins and AEDs and feedback can be given on each student who understakes CPR which is all evaluated by a trained skilled instructor


If you would like any information on this course or its practical element, please use the contatct page

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First Aid Solutions Training Ltd, would like to support the schools by offering basic first aid courses, however derlivering such classes can be very exspensive fro the education sector, This being said First Aid Solutions Traing Ltd is able to offer a FREE first aid course anywhere in the UK.
This course will enpowers student to become inderpendent and learning new ITC skills, while building resilience in safe effect care in first aid situations. And this also can be highlight on any sturnt portfolio in helping with progression. All our first aid courses fully meet the latest UK and European Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2021 as per the HSE requirements.
Miniumum age requirment 13 Years Old
Note: This course is ONLY for the educational sector School/Academies, and delivered online by Pro Training UK. and is currently FREE of Charge. There is however an additional practical elemnt which can be delivered by First Aid Solutions Training Ltd. Please use the contact us page to inquire.